Total Gold Casino Review (2020)

Total Gold Casino Review (2020)

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Total Gold Casino are part of the Bear Group who have been unresponsive to player complaints at this and other portals.

(-2)Total Gold include a dormancy clause that we find to be of a predatory nature and as such have been listed as Not Recommended. The term allows the casino to seize all funds if there is no activity on a player’s account for 180 consecutive days. They explicitly state that such actions will be taken without further notice from the casino. Dormancy clauses should be used to allow the casino to charge a small maintenance fee for the upkeep of an inactive account, not to justify seizures of full balances. Exceptions to this would be where the balance seized would be transferred to the regulator for holding, or donated to a charitable institution after a period of a year, and only after reasonable efforts have been made to alert the account owner of the potential seizure.

(-1)Total Gold Casino also have a clause in their Terms and Conditions which states that Progressive or Casino Jackpots will be paid out in 24 monthly instalments. Since Progressive Jackpot winnings come from a central pool and not casino funds there is no good reason for doing this and again we find this to be of a predatory nature.

(-1) Total Gold Casino include a clause in their Terms and Conditions which states that players cannot claim bonuses with other casinos that are part of their casino network and that they are under no obligation to refund balances in such cases – but they do not give a list of such venues to aid the player in not making this mistake – it can be difficult for professionals in the industry to connect sister casinos – far less lay people.

Total Gold Casino are run by the Cassava group 888 Holdings). This group have proven to be unwilling to engage with 3rd party dispute mediation on several occasions over the years. Alongside this they have been known to confiscate player funds citing only vague spirit of the bonus terms.

The extended group of operators that 888 run has been reported to refuse to pay out player winnings if they claim bonuses at multiple properties within their group, but fails to provide players with reasonable information regarding which properties are in their group. This policy also appears to have been applied to gambling protection self-exclusions where checks have not been carried out at registration, only once the player has won. This means that if a player self-excluded from any property in this group, if they sign-up with another property not realising that this property is owned by 888, the player is then in a position where they can lose, but if they win they will not be paid.

The software that the 888 properties run on – Dragonfish – runs a Baccarat game that we found to mis-advertising the pay out of 2 of the bets on the table. We repeatedly tried to contact this software provider to correct this issue and received no response.

The 888 group have engaged in what appears to be the closure of profitable affiliate accounts using general account closure terms reportedly due to the affiliate not generating enough new leads, though the required amount remains unspecified. We assume that the amount of new leads exceeded the amount required by their minimum activity clause which is the understood minimum. We view this as an unethical business practice.

This group of operators has been involved in the closure of affiliate and player accounts based on the affiliate posting on the same message board as the player. This is a massive over extension of a standard anti-fraud policy and is dangerous to both players and affiliates.

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For references see Bear Group Player Issues

Only casinos carrying Deposit Guarantee Seal can score higher than 8/10.