Euro Max Play Casino Review (2020)

Euro Max Play Casino Review (2020)

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Only one of the reviewers who works regularly for this site holds an account with Winner casino – an associated property to EuroMax Play – and that account has been open less than 6 months. Unfortunately they report negative experiences with this venue.

Having deposited £100 and played without a bonus our reviewer was asked to supply Notarized ID for a withdrawal of £175. For those not familiar with the nortarization process, this generally involves an appointment with a lawyer and will cost in the region of £40-100. Given the small size of the win and the lack of any bonus, this is an excessively aggressive security measure. It should be noted that after a week of communication – our review was clear that Winner were unresponsive to email communication and therefore they had to contact live support to get assistance – Winner did eventually back down on this request. However, for such a small withdrawal – especially given that there was no bonus involved – the request should never have been made in the first place and given the slow responses of Winner’s security department this issue really delayed the payment of a small win an unreasonable length of time.

When we did the background research for this review, we found that this security procedure was far from an isolated incident.

Getting ID Notarized is a highly invasive process and one which the player inevitably has to fund themselves. As such it should only be requested in the most extreme of circumstances where a player has won a large amount of money and tripped numerous security flags. The volume of reports of requests for this type of ID is indicative of a group that is vastly overusing this policy and our reviewer’s experience is nothing short of shocking. Reports like this make it very difficult to recommend a venue as trustworthy.

Alongside all of this Winner appear to have copied some of their terms and conditions from Betfair casino as the game weightings in their bonus terms refer to Zero Roulette, Zero Blackjack, Zero Video Poker, Zero Baccarat. They do not – as far as we could see – offer any Zero games and the only Playtech casino we are aware of that does is Betfair. Given that terms and conditions are legally binding documents, copying them off someone else is never a good idea.

Winner casino is now also associated with Casino Del Rio, 7 Regal and EuroMax Play through a shared affiliate program.

This group of casinos have also been unresponsive to several player complaints.

Casino Tropez has also been involved in what can only be described as a very harsh. In this incident the casino revoked a player’s entire win as they tried to withdraw before completing the wagering requirement for the bonus they received. The industry standard for these situations – despite this practice violating terms and conditions – is to return the balance to the player and inform them that they need to complete further wagering requirement. Moving to confiscation of funds in the first instance is very unfriendly treatment of a player.

A complaint that came in to us regarding Winner casino demonstrated the casino ignoring clearly defined terms and conditions and making up rules to suit themselves when they did not want to pay a player. The casino were also non-responsive to this issue.

EuroMax Play restrict the maximum withdrawal for their progressive jackpots.

In late 2014 a situation came to light where an affiliate was found to be hacking into other sites and posting their gambling links on these sites without the owners knowledge or permission. This activity is clearly illegal and unethical. The majority of casinos that were receiving traffic from this affiliate closed the affiliate’s accounts upon finding out what the affiliate was doing, however some casinos chose to ignore that the traffic coming from this affiliate was generated via illegal activity and continue to work with this individual.

For references see Winner Group Player Issues

You can see the latest updates to Euro Max Play casino’s terms and conditions here.