Parasino Casino Review (2020)

Parasino Casino Review (2020)

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Only one of the reviewers who works regularly for this site holds an account with Parasino casino. This was set up to test their withdrawal times. They report negative experiences. When they requested a withdrawal their funds were returned to their account. When they approached Parasino live support about this here was the response they received;

Your Question: Hi, My withdrawal’s been returned to my account – could you tell me why?

Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with [PARASINO]. – Parasino English Live Chat

13:45[PARASINO].: Welcome to Parasino Live Chat. How may I help you today?

13:46[ REVIEWER].: hi, my withdrawal has been returned to my account – can you tell me why?

13:46[PARASINO].: In order to verify your account, we will need the following document copies: – Personal identification (both sides): Passport, ID card or Driving License – Address verification: Household bill, bank statement, or any other document confirming the Address registered on your account. Document should not be older than three months and should show your name and address. – Proof of funding (where deposits have been made via credit or debit card): Both front and back of used/requested card. We only need to see the first six and the last 4 digits of the card, while the others can be covered for security, including the CVV code. Received documentation will be treated as confidential information and stored in a secure environment.

13:46[ REVIEWER]: do you not email out a request for this?

13:47[PARASINO].: you have to send us your docse to make a withdrawal

13:47[ REVIEWER]: I understand that – but why didn’t I receive a request for this information?

13:48[PARASINO].: you can send them to [email protected]

13:48[PARASINO].: Is there anything else that I may help you with today?

13:48[ REVIEWER]: thank you, but that’s not answered the question

13:48[ REVIEWER]: why didn’t you request this information if you need it?

13:48[ REVIEWER]: it would have saved a lot of time and hassle

13:49Parasino.: Thank you for visiting. Please contact us at anytime.

Parasino has left the conversation.

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When we did the background research for Parasino, we found that the Parasino casino rep account had been banned at CasinoMeister. When we asked CM about this he informed us that the first post made by the Parasino representative was by nature spam.

Alongside this Parasino have now has a warning posted about their failure to discuss player complaints at CasinoMeister. This coincides with unanswered complaints at AskGamblers

Parasino has failed to close the account of a player who clearly informed them that they could not control their gambling. The operator allowed further play, refused to return deposits and blamed the player for playing after this point. As such they’ve been added to Not Recommended Casinos list.

For references see Parasino Player Issues