Betfair Casino Review (2020)

Betfair Casino Review (2020)

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All six of the reviews who work regularly for this site hold accounts with Betfair casino and report no issues.

Betfair casino are one of the largest online casinos currently in operation, but ran into substantial issues due to a very poorly designed promotion in 2010.

The Happy Hour promotion offered players the opportunity to claim an unlimited number of 50% up to £100 bonuses with a 10xbonus wagering requirement during a 4 hour period one Saturday during November. This bonus was massively over generous and gave even unskilled slots players who did not play substantially more than the wagering requirement a sizable edge over the casino.

Unsurprisingly, Betfair lost a hefty amount of money before they realised their mistake. Rather than paying players who had legitimately won on this promotion, Betfair chose to rectify their mistake by locking the accounts of players who participated in the Happy Hour promotions and confiscate winnings from players. There are also reports that they redeposited funds from players eWallet accounts to their Betfair accounts then confiscated their winnings and even one account that suggested that withdrawn funds have been taken out of a player’s bank account without permission.

Alongside this, Betfair made clear that they were not interested in discussing any player complaints related to this incident with any 3rd party mediation services and became uncommunicative with affected players.

More recently, when a player complaint was submitted to us, we found the Betfair team exceptionally willing to engage with our mediation process and actively listened and took action based on the advice we gave them – see This positive attitude has encouraged us to remove Betfair from Not Recommended Casinos list.. As long as they maintain this positive attitude towards dealing with player complaints and refrains from any further ‘spirit of the bonus’ fund confiscations their Casino Reliability stat will increase by one point every 6 month. Betfair’s Casino Reliability stat will be capped at 3 until the resolve the player complaints generated by the Happy Hour promotion.

Betfair have merged with Paddy Power.

It should be noted in this review that while Paddy Power are a very large and well-funded group, they have a history of management policies that boarder on unprofessional. To be clearer, they have on several occasions offered bets that could be construed as ethically bankrupts – such as a bet on when Polar Bears will go extinct and another that is widely viewed as a bet on whether US President Barak Obama will be assassinated.

In early 2015 this form was continued when they made tasteless tweets referencing the death of Eric Garner and other African Americans in police custody.

Alongside this, in quite a high profile case stemming from Shane Lowry’s 2009 victory at the Irish Open, Paddy Power refused to pay out on 3000:1 odds that they’d initially offered saying that they’d reached an agreement with the players involved. The nature of this agreement seems to have been very one sided with a lot of pressure supposedly having been exerted on said players.

In the last two years there have been a couple of concerning incidents involving Paddy Power. The first relates to a tournament where they changed the terms of the promotion then retroactively applied the rules. It’s one thing to change the terms and conditions from the point of change forward, but when you retroactively change the rules – due to your mistake – players who would not have played in the promotions if the new rules had been there from the start are left with no recourse.

For references see Betfair Player Issues

You can see the latest updates to Betfair casino’s terms and conditions here.