Tropicana Gold Casino Review (2020)

Tropicana Gold Casino Review (2020)

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Players from United Kingdom are welcome at Tropicana Gold casino.

Casino Reliability

 – 3 / 10

Only one of the six reviewers for this site holds an account with the Firebrand group of casinos and that account has been open less than 6 months. Our reviewer ended up not playing with Atlantis Gold as they do not offer Neteller as a banking method.

We are aware of several complaints against the Firebrand group casinos that have not received a response.

Atlantis Gold casino carry the following term;

“Professional card counters are prohibited. If you are found to be a professional card counter, any winnings will be forfeit and your account will be subject to immediate closure.”

Firstly, Atlantis Gold casino do not offer any live blackjack games. Card counting depends on the player being able to record the cards that have already been played on previous rounds and adjust their bets/strategy on subsequent rounds to suit the cards that are left. All online casinos use Random Number Generators to simulate their card games. As such online card games are shuffled after every round. Given that there are no previous rounds to record, there is no advantage to be gained by counting cards. The only possible games that could be targeted by a card counter is a live game where you can see the dealer over a video feed and the cards are shuffled at set points.

Moreover, no reputable offline casino would ever seize a player’s winning for card counting. Simply put, doing so has been ruled illegal in almost all reputable offline jurisdictions. It is not cheating to use your brain to beat a game. We don’t consider it ethical for an offline casino to take this action either – or even include a rule saying they will – regardless of whether or not they “like” the practice.

Even if the reason for the fund seizure in this instance is not the card counting section of this term, the presence of such a term show remarkable ignorance of the way gambling games function. This shows a basic lack of understanding of how the games they offer work and to have this built into a legal document is fairly appalling.

This term was added at exactly the same time and with the same wording as the Revenue Giants casinos added it and as such we will now assume these casinos share management.

For references see Firebrand Group Player Issues

For references see Revenue Giants Group Player Issues

To find out how our bonus ratings are calculated see Bonus Rating System.


250% up to $5000.

Sticky – Can never be withdrawn. At the time of your first withdrawal the bonus will be removed from your account.

Wagering Requirements;

  • Slots – 113xbonus
  • Blackjack – 3750xbonus
  • Roulette – 1608xbonus
  • Video Poker – 450xbonus

Adjustments to ratings;

  • Bet Size Restriction (-1) – Not allowed to place wagers of 30% of more of the bonus balance.
  • Maximum Win Restriction (-1) – You are not allowed to win more than $50000 from any deposit bonus
  • Bonuses on subsequent deposits (+2) – 2nd deposit 260% up to $5200, 3rd deposit 270% up to $5400, 4th deposit 275% up to $5500, 5th deposit 280% up to $5600, 6th deposit 285% up to $5700, 7th deposit 900% up to $5800, 8th deposit 300% up to $6000, 9th deposit 310% up to $6200, 10th deposit 320% up to $6400

Game Weightings (already account for in Wagering Requirements)

  • Slots 100%
  • Roulette 7%
  • Video Poker 25%
  • Blackjack 3%


Players from the following countries have to wager 5x the total wager shown above: Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark

Payout Speed: 2+ weeks

 – 0 / 10

As we could not test the withdrawal time at Atlantis Gold and they are US facing and do not display expected withdrawal times on their website, we will assume it to be 2 weeks+

Minimum withdrawal – $100

Maximum withdrawal -$1999 – any amount of $2000 or larger will be paid in increments of no more than $2000 over a period agreed by the player and the casino.


Tropicana Gold use BetOnSoft software for their download casino. Check out our BetOnSoft Software Review.

Game selections are as follows;


Table Games – 17

Slots – 53

Video Poker – 29

Customer Service

 – 7 / 10

Our reviewer report positive experiences with Atlantis Gold casino customer services.

Email Testing Record

  • November 2014 – 15 hours 43 minutes
  • August 2014 – 2 hours 19 minutes

TropicanaGold hold the following gambling licenses :

  • Curacao eGaming – TropicanaGold casino are licensed in Curacao but we are unsure which Master License holder is responsible for them. As such we cannot comment on how effective contacting their regulator would be in case of a complaint. You can find further information regarding this regulator’s complaint policies here.

The following countries are restricted from participation with Tropicana Gold casino;

Contact Details;

Affiliate Program – Firebrand Affiliates.

Tropicana Gold casino do not publish the RTP/house edge figures for any of their slots games.

Tropicana Gold casino do not appear to offer any form of comp point program.

The entire Firebrand group would need to make substantially improved effort to ensure that players received their funds before complaints end up getting submitted before we’d consider them worth playing with.

There are no associated casinos to display.