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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a sport which exhibits a one-on-one match between fighters of mixed martial arts discipline all over the world. Watching the UFC warriors display their prowess in fighting against their opponents to determine who is the strongest triggers the adrenaline rush of people all over the world. That is why sports betting enthusiasts will not let the excitement slip away without putting additional thrill to the fight.

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Money Line Betting on UFC
An example UFC betting line for fighters BJ “The Prodigy” Penn and Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez in their match can be displayed as follows:

  • BJ “The Prodigy” Penn: -320
  • Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez: +250

The minus sign (-) after the name of Penn denotes that he is the favorite, while the plus sign (+) on Sanchez makes him the underdog. This means that there are more bettors for the Prodigy than the Nightmare. Those who wager on Penn will be paid $100 for every $320 bet if Penn will win over Sanchez in any legal way. On the other hand, bettors of Sanchez will win $250 for every $100 bet if Sanchez manages to defeat Sanchez by any legal means.

Betting on a Fighter to Win by Knock Out (KO) or Submission

Aside from picking the outright winner, some sportsbooks offer the gamblers some additional betting lines, such as which player will win via knock out (KO) or via submission. In this betting line, the payout for bettors is higher than their original bet on any of the two betting fighters to win by KO or submission in their UFC match. However, the payout for the underdog fighter is relatively better than that of the favorite.

Taking the above example of Penn vs. Sanchez, the betting line for a player to win by KO, including the referee stoppage and technical KO, can be seen as follows:

  • BJ “The Prodigy” Penn: -275
  • Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez: +335

This means that the bettors on Penn will be paid $275 for every $100 bet if Penn knocks Sanchez down, or if the referee or the doctor declares that Sanchez is no longer able to fight properly due to legal attacks received from Penn. If Sanchez managed to be on the upper hand and knocked the Prodigy down or Penn receives the same stoppage, then bettors on Sanchez will win $335 for every $100 bet.

Knock downs can occur more frequently than submissions, and if betting lines for a player to win via submission is offered in sportsbooks, it is usually of higher payouts than KO betting lines. If the above example is offered, then the corresponding submission betting line for the Penn-Sanchez can be displayed as follows:

  • BJ “The Prodigy” Penn: -300
  • Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez: +395

The above figures denote that if Penn overwhelms Sanchez and the latter decided to surrender (by tapping his hands clearly on the floor or on Penn’s body), then those who wager for Penn to win by submission will be paid $300 for every $100 bet. On the other hand, if Sanchez has forced Penn into submission, then the bettors for Sanchez will be paid $395 for every $100 bet.

UFC was once banned and driven to operate underground due to the very violent nature. However, rules were reformed which led to the vindication of UFC. Ever since then, UFC is considered as a sport, and with the excitement brought about by every UFC match, it became to be one of the favorite events in both land-based and online sports betting sites. Gamblers and sports betting enthusiasts who find it difficult or impossible to allot time and effort in order to go to sportsbooks in Nevada casinos now have the option to wager and receive payouts through internet transactions, thanks to the growing numbers of credible and trustworthy online sportsbooks and online casino websites that provides sports betting services for gamblers all over the world.

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