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In a baseball match, sports betting experts will give the options to the gamblers to bet on either team, and odds are applied depending on the number of bettors. If one team is heavily favored by majority of the gamblers to win in the match, it is considered as the favorite team, and the less favored team is called the underdog team. Applying the money line betting system, the winning payouts of both teams differ depending on which is the favorite and the underdog. A money line for a particular baseball game may look like this:

  • Yankees: -140
  • Red Sox: +120

In the example, the Yankees team is the favorite team, which is denoted by the negative number, while the Red Sox team is the underdog, denoted by the positive number. This means that for the bettors of Yankees, they have to bet $140 in order to win $100 if the Yankees will win, while those who wager on the Red Sox will only bet $100 to win $120 if the Red Sox will win.

The records of each team about to have a match can heavily influence the decision of bettors on which team to wager on. Since the Yankees are famous and noted for having good records in baseball, definitely there are many who will bet on the team. In order to attract the gamblers to bet on the less favored team, the sportsbooks made the payouts for any favored team to be less than the original bet, while the payout for the underdogs is higher than the original bet.

Betting Options Based on Pitchers

In baseball, the pitcher is one of the most important person in the team, and could spell victory for the whole team. Betting in baseball has several options, depending on the starting pitcher of both teams. There are commonly four choices for the bettors in wagering.

The first option is to bet based on the listed pitcher for both team. Both of the pitchers must start the baseball match for both teams in order for the bet to have action. However, if any one or both of the pitchers will not throw the opening pitch for their respective teams, the bet will be refunded.

The second option is to specify team pitcher . In this option, the pitcher specified for the team where the bettor wagers his money must throw the opening pitch for his team, while it doesn’t matter if the opposing team will change their starting pitcher. If the specified pitcher for the bettor’s team will not start the game, then the bet will no longer have action in the game and will be refunded to the bettor.

The third option is to bet with team action . The bettor’s bet will have full action regardless of the shift in the opening pitchers for both teams. The sportsbooks may adjust the payouts if there are changes in the starting pitchers.

The fourth option is to bet with team action against listed pitcher . In this option, it doesn’t matter if the bettor’s team will change the starting pitchers, but the opposing team must start with their listed starting pitcher. If the opposing team will change the starting pitcher, then the bet will no longer have action in the match.

Run Line Bets in Baseball

The run line bet is the baseball version of the point spread system, but it will also apply the money line betting system. In this bet, the favorite team will lay a number of runs (the number of times the players circled the bases and reached home base safely), while the underdog will get the specified number of runs. For example, a run line in a baseball match can be like this:

  • Yankees: -1.5 +120
  • Devil Rays: +1.5 -140

The Yankees will lay 1.5 runs, in which in order for the Yankees’ bettors to win their bet, the team must win against the Devil Rays with 2 runs or more, while the bettors for Devil Rays will win if the Devil Rays will also win or will only lose by only 1 run. For example, if the final score is 6-3 in favor of the Yankees, the bettors on Yankees will win the run line bet because the difference in the scores is 3. If the final score is 6-5 still in favor of the Yankees, the bettors on the Devil Rays will win the run line bet because the difference is only 1.

However, in run line bets, the Yankees, which is the favorite in money line, will become the underdog, and the team’s bettors will wager $100 to win additional $120 if they win the run line. On the other hand, the Devil Rays, which is the underdog in the money line, will be the favorite and bettors will wager $140 in order to win only $100 if they win the run line.

Some Tips in Baseball Betting

Baseball betting may not be as famous as sports betting on football. However, considering this sports as one of the best ways of making money in terms of sports betting, it is wise to know some tips before betting.

Betting early in the baseball seasons may not be a good decision, because most teams are getting a low start and team managers may be somewhat trying out new line-ups. It is good to spend the first weeks of the season observing and studying each teams to know where to effectively put wagers.

It is also wise to bet on the underdogs, because even the best teams can lose up to 6 matches in a year, while the worst teams can win close to that number, and the rest of the teams in the leagues are somewhere in between. Having a comparison on the statistics of each teams, especially their pitchers and health of the players can also help in betting wisely.

If a team is having a winning streak, it is wise not to bet on them for the fourth game because the odds can turn heavily against the team on their next game. Likewise, a team suffering 3 consecutive loses may give out their best play on their next game in order to ease the longing for victory, and it’s quite good to wager on them for their next game.

If there is a baseball match between two teams that are almost equal and are having rivalries against each other, it is not advised to wager on any of the team because the players tend to play at their best shape in order to beat their rivals.

In any forms of betting, discipline is needed for gamblers in order to bring out the most of the benefits from their bets. And it is also a very wise move to ask questions, especially on both land-based and online sportbooks, as well as on online casino sites.

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