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Auto Racing

How To Bet On Auto Racing

Auto racing betting is a great way to become more involved with the most popular sport in the United States and among the total auto racing betting leagues that in exist in the country there is no other form of motor sport that is as thoroughly American as NASCAR betting. Auto racing betting is available on NASCAR, Formula One and Indy Car. NASCAR and Indy Car are popular in the US and Formula One is popular in Europe.

Sample of an Auto Racing Game Line:

  • Mark Andrei: +200
  • Robster Angle: +250
  • Cliff Turn: +300
  • Brent Elliot: +700
  • Field – +700

In the above game line, if you bet a $10 on Mark Andrei and win the race, you can win $20. For those who place $10 bet on Brent Elliot would win $70 for every $10 bet. Since your wager is returned to you on a winning bet, those $10 bets on Robby Gordon would receive $80 back from a sportsbook or online casino and not $70, as sportsbooks require you to pay for your bet at the time it is made.

Sample of an Auto Racing Game Line:

  • Robster Angle: +130
  • Brent Elliot: +110

In the above game line, if your bet is on Robster Angle, you have to stand a chance of $13 to win a $10, however, if your bet is on Brent Elliot , you have to risk $10 to win $11 if Elliot wins the game.

Auto Racing Betting Rules

In case you have a great desire to enter the field of sports betting, you will need the most important NASCAR sports betting rules:

  • All bets will only valid for 48 hours if a race or qualifier is postponed. If the postponement lasts more than 48 hours, all wagers will be ruled “no action” and refundable.
  • If a driver starts a lap but does not post a time, the driver is considered to finish last, losing to all drivers who post a time. If more than one driver starts a lap but does not post a time, all such drivers are tied or draw.
  • All disqualifications that occur more than 30 minutes after the qualifying session has ended are will not be considered for betting purposes.
  • If the two drivers in a betting matchup post the same time to the nearest thousandth of a second, the matchup will be graded as “no action” and all the money will be refunded to account. In this situation, the starting positions assigned by NASCAR are not taken into consideration for betting purposes.
  • All bets on qualifying match-ups will be considered closed at the start of the first practice.
  • Winning bets foretell the official winning margin as the first and second cars to cross the line, excluding any time penalties or disqualifications incurred after the race by any driver. If only one car finishes, the bets will be settled at the maximum make up stipulated.
  • If the race is stopped and then restarted, all bets stand regardless of any alteration in positioning.

Auto Racing Betting Types

For those who are novice in online betting, one of the most important auto racing betting types for the beginners is to get to know all the most common bets made in ther sports betting.

Win: win bet involves of picking the absolute winner in any given race; it is picking which car will come in first. The bet will be considered a winner only if the chosen car crosses the finish line first.

Place: place bet involves of picking the car that will finish in 2nd place, that is, the runner up in the race. The bet will also be considered a winner if the car chose comes in first win. That is, the car chosen can come in either second or first for the bet to win.

Show: show bet involves of picking the car that will come in third place in a race. The bet will also be deemed a winner if the car chosen comes in 2nd place or 1st place. That is, the car chosen can come in either third, second, or first for the

Daily Doubles: daily double bet is composed by picking the winners of 2 consecutive car races at a particular racetrack.

Exactas: exacta is a bet where both the first place and 2nd place winning cars in the same race must be predicted in the exact order the race is won.

Quinellas: quinella is similar to an exacta in that both the first place and 2nd place winning cars must be predicted, but the order does not matter, so either of the cars can come in first or second for the bet to be a winner.

Trifectas: trifecta bet is made up of a prediction of the exact 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place winners in a particular car race.

Superfectas: superfecta bet consists of a prediction of the exact first 4 place winners in a particular car race. Similar to the trifecta, it takes it one step further by requiring the prediction of the 4th place car.

Pick 3 or Pick 4: pick 3 bets consist of picking the winners of 3 succeeding car races. While on Pick 4 bets, similarly, consist of picking the winners of 4 succeeding car races. These bets are very similar to a daily double with the difference lying in the number of winners predicted.

Auto Racing Betting Tips And Strategies

As a sports betting player, you must gather and analyze as much information as he can about a game, weigh the probabilities of each team winning, and subsequently compare his opinion to the odds maker’s. Below are some helpful things to bet right and win a lot:

  • Check whether the car racer or the car racing team has had a tight schedule and if they could possibly be tired. Whether the last game they played disempowering or whether the next game they are going to play more substantial than the current one.
  • You can bet on which road builder will win the race as well which is where you bet on which car make you think will win. These bets don’t have the best odds, but you can usually win this bet if you find which racers do well on the track and going with that constructor.
  • One more important point for online gamblers in auto racing betting is to get the bets in before the race starts. Sports players get much better value for the sports betting bankrolls betting early but not late and depending upon how well the players do in qualifying auto racing betting, they might even win a lot of money till the race starts.


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